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In my paintings, I frequently immerse myself in the captivating world of watercolors. My works often portray animals or people surrounded by an "aquatic" atmosphere, capturing the essence of fluidity and the ever-changing behavior of water, which reminds me so much of emotions and life itself.​

Each piece is carefully complemented with elements of nature and meaningful or nostalgic objects that hold deep personal value. Through this artistic process, I seek to evoke emotions and connections that resonate deeply with the viewers, inviting them to embrace the beauty of their inner world and, on other occasions, simply enjoy and have fun with my imagination.​


Initially, my inspiration solely came from nature and the beauty I could appreciate in the world through my eyes. However, over time, I felt the need to convey a different message, leading me to search for that voice externally. Nevertheless, this perspective gradually changed as I found myself increasingly inclined to look inward.​


Today, my works reflect the fascination I feel for the natural beauty that surrounds us while also exploring the depths and nuances of the emotional world. I hope my art serves as a reminder that, amidst the hectic pace of modern life, we can still find moments of introspection, joy, and presence through art.

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