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Patricia Flores Calderón (PatriciaChu)

Mexican Visual Artist

Born in Mexico City, she displayed an unwavering interest in drawing and painting from an early age. Her profound affection for animals, particularly dogs and tigers, consistently infused her artistic creations, making them the focal points of her drawings for an extensive period. Throughout her life, she showcased an innate artistic ability, although she never deemed it a feasible professional path, instead choosing to pursue a career in medicine.


It wasn't until she completed her master's studies and confronted the end of a romantic relationship that she wholeheartedly embraced her artistic aspirations. The sorrow that accompanied the conclusion of this relationship led her to find solace in painting as a form of healing. This marked the inception of a journey that continues to evolve, as she embarked on watercolor classes with various teachers. Her artistic growth expanded through participation in workshops across Mexico City, including institutions like Foro Goya, Arca México, and Taller Huachinango, guided by accomplished artists such as Alejandro Cortés in oil painting and Michele Bajona in watercolors.


Her preferred mediums encompass watercolor and oil techniques. Currently, she not only sells original pieces but also teaches painting classes and undertakes commissioned works tailored to the specific preferences of her clients.


She has been part of collective exhibitions in Mexico City. Moreover, she founded a community of Mexican artists, establishing a platform to share cultural activities, classes, knowledge, and foster friendships intertwined with art.


During the pandemic, she pursued a diploma in art therapy at the Taller Mexicano de arteterapia. There, she found a way to harmonize two of her greatest passions: art and supporting individuals. This newfound synergy led her to facilitate workshops of artistic expression for women survivors of violence at the Women's Justice Center in the southern region of Mexico City.


Currently, she lives in Montreal, Canada, where she persists in her artistic explorations, continuously delving into her craft, and forging meaningful connections through art.

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